Friday, September 3, 2010

Duke Nukem Forever 2010 PAX Dev Interview


Check them out now:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Quakecon Stermy frag

Just HAVE to share this clip :D A very important game at Quakecon 2010. The world famous player Stermy almost makes it to the end with the flag but gets fragged a split second before touchdown. The commentators reaction is hilarious!

Starcraft 2 on iphone

 John Carmack does it again. Programmer God. First he makes Rage work on an iphone, and now THIS? This man is clearly a genious!

Will Crysis 2 stay true to its fanbase?

Many people regard Crysis as the pinacle of PC gaming in regards of technology. People often argue about which system is able to perform best and deliver the best gaming experience. Well Crytek decided to expand their horizons and make the sequel to their PC only game available on all platforms. With the all new Cryengine 3, they can deliver the epic graphics of Crysis to consoles...or can they? There has been many comparisons between Cryengine 2 vs Cryengine 3, and it is quite noticable how Cryengine 3 is radically downgraded to suit the consoles. This makes people question Crytek, wondering if the standard of Crysis 2 will be set to consoles rather than PC, or will PC get its own fullfilled version?

Lets just wait and see :)

Terran Overpowered?

Since the release of the highly anticipated Starcraft 2, people have been complaining about the Terran race of being overpowered. Ofcourse Blizzard wont turn the cheek and look the other way when the game is entirely based on competitive tournaments, so they have released a latest patch to fix some of the issues. Most of the changes are to the build times of specific units, increasing some while decreasing others. This will hopefully even out the playing field among players, and give Zerg and Protos fans a fair chance.

I myself have only tried the trail of StarCraft 2, to which i enjoyed much. But i was horrible at it, it has a very steep learning curve. But who knows, maybe il buy it and become a pro? pfft, in my dreams.

Half-Life Movie?

Apparantly Valve, the creators of Half-Life, has been toying with the idea of making a half-life movie for quite a while. Hollywood writers has been pitching scripts to them for years, but all of them have been terribly bad according to Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve. However, due to the high success of their Team Fortress 2 animations, they are considering taking steps into making a half-life movie, but only if they are in charge of it 100%.

As a half-life fan i am both worried and happy. Im happy that Valve is taking it seriously, and wont just make a movie for cash profits. But i am worried that they themselves will make a horrible movie. Afterall, they make video games for a living.